The Gamification Summit 2011 Completed Course

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Last year was largely an experimental year. There were so many unknowns going into the WoWinSchool Project that our overall attitude was “Let’s see what this looks like,” and some aspects of the program were largely informal. That’s not to say that we didn’t learn a great deal and that the participating students didn’t benefit from the program (and we from them).

In the coming 1-3 years, gamification, location services and virtual events will come together (via API’s and integration). On the gamification front, it’s noteworthy that San Francisco will be home to the Gamification Summit in January 2011. For the full post: “The Name Of The Game Is Engagement“. Conclusion

UAE to reopen Damascus embassy after 7 years – The past few days have seen a flurry of diplomatic activity that looks set to continue until the next summit.

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Gabe Zichermann, Chair of the Gamification Summit and Gabe Zichermann author of Game-Based Marketing , recently interviewed CEO Luke Hohmann for his article in the Huffington Post on how games and game mechanics can be used to fix the political system.

When his turn to the dark side was complete, Christensen’s string of duds began.

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Designing Gamification (Level 1) is the only online course accredited by the to deliver Engagement Expert Certification at the introductory level.

gamification, human learning and motivation theories and then apply this knowledge to devise and conduct interventions for improving academic as well as non-academic outcomes of students particularly those from underserved communities. Course Objectives • To understand gamification, human learning and motivation theories, and the role of

People on the Move – He recently completed his real estate courses online at Real Estate Express. Christopher Selige has joined the Clarks Summit.

She participates in gamification initiatives, has worked at two game companies, and completed an online gamification course through Coursera and Professor Kevin Werbach of the Wharton School. In 2012, Marta presented on gamification at an STC webinar, LavaCon, and the STC Summit.

How to Use Game Mechanics to Reward Your Customers.

a blogger who authored Game-Based Marketing and who hosts of the Gamification Summit. "That's because they had the budgets to do that.

A constant DPRK theme since the Singapore Summit has been that progress in US-DPRK relations, on the way to the “complete den.

Because those who were fortunate to attend the World of Learning Conference, everywhere they looked was a nugget of gold, especially those who used the dynamite technique of e-lea

Sean D’souza – How To Create Knockout Information Products Mirror Too stringent requirements and types of evidence to demonstrate equivalence create a disincentive to pharmaceutical companies to develop follow-on products due to high cost. Conversely, too relaxed requirements may jeopardize safety and efficacy and, as a result, confidence of patients and prescribers in the follow-on product. Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyo’s latest piece.Both

Mixed Reality 2019: Why the year ahead will be huge for enterprise AR/VR. The mixed reality landscape is still taking shape, but here’s why enterprise training will embrace AR/VR next year.

The home side climbed up to second place in the table with their 5-0 win over Bournemouth here on Boxing Day and can move to.

Educational Landmarks in Delta State – It would be recalled that on assumption of office, the government hosted an education summit as a way of charting progressive.

Apache Spark is a huge step forward in working with data at scale, enabling us to do faster machine learning algorithms on large data sets. Used by data professionals at Amazon, eBay, NASA and 200+ other organizations, Spark’s community is one of the fastest growing in the world.

Nurse Practitioners – Doctors? [Original post is published on The Health Care Blog]. By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA. My recent post on The Health Care Blog, “Nurse Practitioners – Doctors?” addresses the issues surrounding nurse practitioners obtaining a doctorate degree. I’d like to thank all those readers of The Health Care Blog (THCB) for their comments.