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FXTM expects a dramatic Q1 2019 for financial markets – Selling the rallies is now seen as a preferred strategy from investors as opposed to buying the dips which has been closely f.

Of course, the fact that they won't get rich means that many of our best and brightest, who in another world would have made great contributions to our society, instead end up trading on wall street for the payday, impoverishing us all (and not in a strictly monetary sense). – Horse Racing Nation – Online Racing – The original large scale horse racing simulation game and management game

The world of the lower depths: crime and punishment in Russian history.

Peter Hill, The Japanese Mafia (Oxford: Oxford.

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When we refer to the Jewish mafia, we are not pointing to religion.

May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 1 Opening Statement.

Trader’s Edge. Live Trading.

Phil has some great insight into the market. He's given me a different perspective on the market and I know I'm a better trader/investor because of it. I've been trading options since the late 80's and Phil is right.

It has long been my assertion that risk control and diversification are much more important then the trading system itself. I've argued that you don't have to be a genius trader in order to make money in the markets. In fact you can make money with remarkably simple trading systems.

[2019] Igor Ledochowski – Money In Your Mind Program Igor-Alexander Ledochowski’s The Money In Your Mind is much more than a typical “abundance consciousness” course. It’s a complete learning and action system that puts you “in synch” with true wealth: All you have to do is watch one video (about 60-80 minutes) a day for 15 days. Igor-Alexander Ledochowski's The Money In Your Mind