May Gary Halbert – How To Write Sales Letter That Will Make You Rich

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From the desk of Brian Kurtz. Dear Business Builder, In my 34 years in direct response — as an avid learner and seminar-goer — I’ve never before seen a lineup like you see above.

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Copy (handwrite or type) the sales letters Gary recommends you copy. Read the article to get the list. Reread the books Gary recommends. Take lots of notes. Write out a stack of headlines. Gary recommends specific periodicals, but you can probably supplement that with clickbait leadlines from places like Buzzfeed, TMZ, etc. Write your first ad

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But here's the key- in order to 'steal' like they do, you have to have your own collection of WINNING ads and sales letters. Because if you don't know the words and phrases to put on paper to get people to send you money, your chances of writing a winning letter are slim and none.