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Jim Cockrum – PAC, PPI, Proven 4Q Plan November 21, 2015. Sign up now ! Latest Courses.

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Of course, most of what you read or hear elsewhere about ‘secret societies’ and insider information is pure rubbish, and we aren’t talking about some sort of formal underground society with it’s own password, handshake or weird rituals.What we’re talking about is a fairly sizeable community that we’ve developed who make their large.

Invest in your online education now with the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course (the PAC).

The ONLY way to gain access to the PPI course now is to buy the PAC course which will soon include PPI (towards the end of August). EXAMPLE: Our PPI students have learned how to force Amazon to tell them what products they should sell.

Jim Cockrum Your.

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Jim Cockrum has made the recordings of the event available to the general public at a greatly reduced price. It is a bummer to have missed the Amazon training event, however, the next best thing to being there is purchasing the recordings.

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