Full Version Connirae Andreas – The Wholeness Process

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Psychotherapy is a powerful and transformative process. I love being on that journey with my clients, helping them to understand themselves more deeply and.

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By Connirae Andreas.

background work fairly directly fed into what became the Core Transformation Process.

each adds uniquely to the full result of Wholeness.

After a 3-Day workshop on a particular method of experiential self-inquiry (The Wholeness Work from Connirae Andreas), I've decided to let my intuition lead and for the rest of the year do 1 hour a day of sitting in Awareness and noticing any separations, and dissolving them with this method.

Return to Contents. The T.O.T.E. model. In NLP, the process of recursion and assembly of complex behaviors and actions (and even simpler actions) is described in terms of the TOTE model.

The Core Transformation process was developed by Connirae Andreas after experiencing a dramatic change in a training session with Milton Erickson during 1979. Although the hypnotic intervention did not answer her question or solve her problem directly, it opened her to a level of deep resourcefulness that reframed her situation and inspired the.

I selected a change process by using the Personal Strength Model by Richard Bolstad (see Appendix). Because my aim was to produce a major/significant transformational experience in one session, I found that two processes generated particularly notable results: Time Line Therapy TM (Tad James) and the Core Outcome process (Connirae Andreas).