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And because YOUR success depends on your willingness to share your story, I have to be willing to go there myself. So here I go.

==> Watch me being coached by NFL football player, Broadway star, and personal story expert Bo Eason as I perform my story live .

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#22: No story no glory, with Bo Eason By Jake Haas On this episode, we hear from a tough guy who’s not afraid to get tender with a personal story: speaker, actor and former NFL standout Bo Eason.

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A powerful personal story can help you get hired. Here are six tips to help you make your story more compelling.

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Lori interviews NFL athlete turned Broadway star Bo Eason and we, the readers, learn the importance of how being in tune with and fully expressing our own "personal story" can positively change every area of our lives. I love Bo Eason and the message he sends in this book, this interview, and his life. Your life is your message.

“Story is the connective tissue that bonds people to a leader. Story is what makes people latch on to you, want to follow you and want to do business with you. Your authentic, powerful personal story is what makes people fall in love with you,” says speaker, actor and former NFL standout Bo Eason.

“The first thing we do as human being is devalue our own story.” – Bo Eason.

To Growth in your business. Now, this is powerful, guys.

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