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WATCH: Hoops signee Chris Harris hits 2 buzzer-beaters in 1 game – No. 11 South Garland defeated No. 22 Wylie, 64-44, Friday night, and 4-star Aggie guard signee Chris Harris Jr. put on a show.

Victor Hedman and Mikhail Sergachev scored for the Lightning, who had won seven straight and were 15-0-1 since a 3-1 loss to.

Two heads are better than one. John Heywood = Two is company, three is a crowd. = Two wrongs do not make a right. = United we stand, divided we fall. = Variety is the spice of life. = Virtue is its own reward. = Walk softly but carry a big stick. = Walls have ears. = War is death s feast. George Herbert = Waste not, want not. = Went in one ear.

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In the 11:30 a.m. draw, Eve Muirhead of Scotland defeated Anna Hasselborg of Sweden 7-2, while Jennifer.

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Derrick Rose playing cautious, scared, disinterested, or hurt?.

of play over these four games is still well below what the Bulls need to see from him in order to become a real threat to win the.

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Now that he is given more than one or two games here and there at the position, plus two good line mates in Zach Parise and L.

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As you can read in the information below.

Betty wasn’t the only punitive person involved in this case. Betty claimed that Dan Broderick was "gaslighting" her and punishing her for trivial matters in order to remain "in control".